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Victory Heating Solutions manufacture quartz infrared halogen heaters / dryers for indoor or outdoor industrial and domestic use. Uses include space heating, paint drying, zone heating, mobile heating, plastic forming, ink curing, paper manufacture, food warming and cooking. We also manufacture a large range of infrared lamps and ceramic elements. These are used in appliances requiring short, medium or long wave infrared heat. With over 30 years of knowledge in heating applications, we have designed, developed and manufactured a range of electric infrared heating solutions - From full infrared heating for warehouses, down to zone spot heating. We always aim to provide the simple cost effective answer to a wide and varied range of commercial and domestic heating problems.




Totally Mobile- Get heat to any area fast and efficiently


Indoor or Outdoor Heating


HLW outside heating

Whether you wish to extend the summer or just stay warm in the winter we have the instant infrared heater for you needs. With an award winning outdoor heater and a completely redesigned range of indoor heaters, optimised for even more directional heat.

New Paint Dryers Available

Designed to utilise the advance use of short wave quartz halogen lamps to give the optimum in drying times. If you frequently use drying ovens for small drying areas these dryers will pay for themselves in a short space of time whilst giving a much lower carbon footprint. Typical electricity drying costs for a 3Kw system is 9 Pence per cycle.

VLP30 Paint DryerLook out for the download icon around the site!

Competition Winner!

HeatLight's HLW15 Outdoor heater came 1st place in a recent survey by the Swedish Magazine Hem and Hyra!

 HLW15 White


First place Trophy!The HLW15 Outdoor heater was the winner thanks to its high heat output, water resistance and relatively low price for the more expensive infrared quartz halogen technology.

There were eight heaters in the test assessed for design, cost, build quality and heat output. All outdoor heaters had either instant infrared halogen or quartz technology lamps. The HLW15 won against some top brands to be the best outdoor heater.

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